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We've trawled the internet for you, finding some of the best free complete courses available today. The links take you directly to the course providers' websites, as content changes as courses start and finish. Most courses do not offer a recognised qualification, though some providers do offer a certificate to show completion, and some offer accreditation for a small fee. Each link will open in a new tab.

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From Alison. ‘Management’ is a huge subject that covers so many aspects of different jobs across multiple industries. You can ‘manage’ staff, projects, supply chains, warehouses, inventory - the list is endless. With this in mind, Alison has sourced the widest range of online management courses possible so that you can choose exactly what is right for you. Perhaps you want to go into hotel management, or manage quality control for a manufacturer. Maybe you’re keen on operations management or human resources management. Whatever it is, we’re bound to have a course for you.

All of our expertly devised courses are completely free, from creating your account to completing your work. This means you can do as many management modules as you like, building your knowledge and skills to help foster your career. If you need to prove your qualifications, Alison will provide an official certificate for a nominal fee. There is nothing stopping you from getting on the management track right now! Get Started.

This free course, Effective communication in the workplace, explores the importance of communication as a skill in the workplace. It aims to increase your understanding of communication skills and to help you to consider how your communication could be perceived by others. You'll cover areas such as verbal and non-verbal communication, written communication and using your communication skills in challenging and diverse situations. You'll also look at possible scenarios for communication in the future, ranging from remote working to virtual reality.

After studying this course, you should be able to -

  • describe different types of communication and how they are used in the workplace
  • recognise the skills required for effective communication
  • understand the impact that communication can have on how people are perceived by others
  • identify how effective communication can overcome challenges in the workplace
  • reflect on current personal communication skills and how these can be developed and used more successfully.

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